News on the advance

Blogging/emailing/general contact with the world at large has been rare over this last while mainly because my internet connection has been down…one case of broken mobile internet modem dongle thingy. The joys of technology!

Kids Alive
The war is progressing well on this front at the moment. Our new mid-week ‘Sunday School’ type kids club is getting off the ground well and we’re getting good numbers. The kids who came along to the previous incarnation of the club have responded well to all the changes, so thats great. As well as having them on a Tuesday at club, we go and visit them at home on a Sunday afternoon, leaving behind a Kids Alive magazine or an activity sheet relating to our themes. Getting kids saved at an early age can save a lot of problems later on…I speak from experience here…I wish I’d followed Jesus since I was born! In January, we’ll be inviting some of the kids to Junior Soldier classes and see if they’ll covenant with us to love and serve Jesus.

Street Pastors
In other news, I’ve been training over these last four weeks to join up with the Street Pastor project in our city…Street Pastors ‘patrol’ the city streets on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm – 4am. I’m looking forward, very much, to hitting the streets with the team. It does strike me as something in the fashion of the Army, this whole project, but I suppose if the Army aren’t doing it…however, its a fantastic project which is supported across 5 or 6 denominations in the city. it must please the heart of God no end.

Under the Fence
So, we’re on the way to building up our network of small groups/wards/cells/outposts. We’ll, things are underway with two potential outposts, with our Torry base already established and with the beginning of a youth cell in Torry coming up after youth councils next week. 7 of our young people from our drop in are attending youth councils…prayers please!

God is good.