Still here…

I’ve been laying relatively low of late, certainly on the blogging front, for no other reason than general busyness, taking a break, and all that jazz. I’ve also being doing a lot of background stuff to prepare a bit for our life from Aug next year, when I finish at Trinity. Lots to share on that front soon enough. A vision/picture is emerging and I don’t want to rush it or ‘plan it’ until I’ve lived with it and allowed it to reveal itself more. It is exciting, it’s big, it seems impossible, so it’s a good job God is the instigator and not me. Me? I’d probably go for safety every time, but what I feel I’m stepping into now is the thing I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so excited about it, but as I say, trying to exercise early caution to let the picture emerge more fully. Time is on my side at the moment, and I’m content to let it brew some more!

Generally, all I can say is that although life is rarely how we choose it, and circumstances can be baffling, I am generally amazed (although I shouldn’t be) at how God works situations for good. In the midst of a whole load of other stuff going on, God has been gracious in his dealings with me, as he continues to work for my healing. He is faithful.

So, I know this blog contains barely any news other than a ‘I’m still here’, I know there are blog followers who read regularly and just wanted to assure you I haven’t fallen off the planet altogether! Normal service will resume…at some point. Stay tuned! 😉