Restoring what the locusts ate…

Well, time has marched on since my last blog. It’s been a busy time in my work at Trinity as well as taking a week off at half term and being away for the 4th of 6 Crucible Course weekends. That continues to be a thrice annually helpful time being away with like-minded folks.

There have been some great highlights here at Trinity too – lives changing, growing, developing. Some great events and seminars from everything on missional church to getting to grips with the bible to our prayer school currently running. There are, of course, challenges which come with working in established churches yet I am still finding much more freedom where I am than I did in officership – mainly as I’m released from things like property management, health n safety, money raising and the likes. You don’t realise how much that stuff bogs you down. But to say again, the challenges are still there – the are just different. You’d expect that in any ministry.

I have to say that I’ve recovered a significant amount of confidence in ministry after the difficult blows of last year – God has been quick to restore what the locusts ate! We are certainly in a place where God has used the positive responses to our ministry just to encourage us beyond belief. I keep wondering when the gloss is going to come off – but t the moment I’m still wonderful (bless em all – little do they know!)

We are gradually getting more of a picture about our long term future which I’ll be in a better place to share in future months. God has been gracious in his leading and thus far, as ever, I’m in no doubt as to his wisdom and timing in these things. We are still working towards doing what we intended to do when we left officership and things are gradually coming together. Incidentally, although we initially wanted to work in Glasgow with Urban Expression, we now know exactly why he led us elsewhere – such is His wisdom! Hopefully it will be back to Scotland one day, but for now, we’re settling fine in the North East.

My testimony is, simply, “he who calls you is faithful, and he will do it!”