24/7 Prayer

So, we embark on our 24/7 prayer on the 23rd August. We want to start placing prayer at the very centre of everything we do here in Torry as a corps. Establish a prayer rhythm.

We also want to raise the profile of our need for intercessors. Thats where you come in. Our corps, at the moment, has 5 active soldiers (including us). We are relying on you, the reinforcements, to support us…sign up for an hour slot and pray for us during this week of prayer.

Our community faces many challenges, we are a small fighting force. Please help us storm the forts.

If you go here you can sign up for a slot. If you aren’t geographically close enough to pray ‘on site’ just at a # beside your name to let us know that you won’t be turning up in person to pray.

I will endeavour to send out an intercessors guide to all those praying ‘off campus’ to help you in your prayer for us.

Thank you in anticipation!

Code Blue

Whilst browsing through the Australia Southern Territory’s Salvos Out There campaign I came across some great training resources for Local Officers. I may be wrong, but I am not sure anything of this sort exists in the UK Territory. I realise there is some training for CYS and YPSMs, but not for other leaders.

As if finding the resource wasn’t good enough, I then discovered that the second module is about corps planting. What a fantastic example of building core Salvation Army dna into leadership at that level.

Three ‘Hallelujah’s for the Australian Southern Territory who are, yet again, showing the rest of us how it should be done!

Here is the link to Code Blue. Click here

You will also notice some links there to some corps planting training.

Summer Furlough/Mission Trip 2009!

So, apologies for the lack of blogging over the last month. I’ve been away for two weeks on furlough as well as away attending my mother-in-laws graduation from University before that too. Also had a family wedding! Been a hectic month!

Holiday was very busy…drove around 3600 miles, visited 6 countries, several towns/cities, slept in about 9 beds and had a pretty great time.

Great to see something of The Salvation Army in Belgium. We were staying in a flat that is part of a social service centre. Below us was a refugee centre, aiding people from something like 90 different nations. Above us was a mens hostel. Had a good time of worship at Brussells II corps on one of the Sundays. Such a prayerful, holy reverence in the meeting mixed with a whole pot of joy and enthusiasm. Brussells II is known as ‘the African corps’ with it comprising of French speaking Africans now native in Brussells. Great…grass roots primitive Salvationism!

Glad to have the opportunity to testify, pray, and play the piano in the meeting…nice to be useful! Was good to meet up with Majors Jacques and Yvonne Rouffet, Regional Commanders for Belgium an hear a little more of the work in Belgium. Also caught just a glimpse of the Army’s presence in Holland when we visited Amsterdam.

Back home in the UK for the second week of our furlough, we had the privilege of spending some time prayer walking with some friends who are getting ready to move into a town where there is no Army. Whilst they will link up with a corps nearby, they are keen to see what the Lord would have them do in the town they feel led to. Praise God for the opportunitys, and pray that the right doors will be opened for them.

So, back home now. Looking forward to an exciting few months. The first thing on the agenda is our 24/7 prayer week at Torry which comes up at the end of the month.