Code Blue

Whilst browsing through the Australia Southern Territory’s Salvos Out There campaign I came across some great training resources for Local Officers. I may be wrong, but I am not sure anything of this sort exists in the UK Territory. I realise there is some training for CYS and YPSMs, but not for other leaders.

As if finding the resource wasn’t good enough, I then discovered that the second module is about corps planting. What a fantastic example of building core Salvation Army dna into leadership at that level.

Three ‘Hallelujah’s for the Australian Southern Territory who are, yet again, showing the rest of us how it should be done!

Here is the link to Code Blue. Click here

You will also notice some links there to some corps planting training.

One thought on “Code Blue

  1. Exciting stuff. I knew we should've moved there… they seem to be so well ahead of us (or maybe they didn't go as far down the side-road that UKT got caught in).I'll have to give this stuff a look!

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