Blog Re-launch!

As if I hadn’t got enough to do….but seriously, when blogging has been such a big part of your spiritual and ministry journey, spanning close to 10 years, its hard to give it up.  It’s a good discipline!

The blog you’re now reading is a combination of all my serious blogging over the years…both at and all in the one place.  So, for all you Salvos who want to dig into some ArmyBarmy stuff, everything before July 2010 is Army.  There are some other Army bits during early/mid-2011 which, ironically, was when ArmyRenewal readership was at its highest almost a year after leaving officership.  For everyone else, if you do find yourself going further back, some of the Army stuff won’t immediately make sense…apologies for that!

The thing that causes me to reflect, seeing all this stuff together, is the question of ‘passion.’  Am I continuing to fan into flame the gift of God within me?  Am I letting go of the right things, nurturing the right things?  I’m certainly a more ‘thoughtful’ evangelical now than I was, but does gospel passion still fire me up?  I hope so.  And I hope its channel is now a grace-washed vessel.

Its nice to be back….sitting here at my computer typing away to the ‘whosoever will read’.  Welcome on board!