The Bronx Blessing!

I don’t know how he does it. They blow my mind. Everytime I see pictures of them they are enrolling another draft of soldiers and junior soldiers.

Surely Capitans Gerardo and Monica Balmori are quite unique in the Western Salvation Army. They are officers at the Bronx Tremont Corps, NY, USA. We’re linked up via Facebook and was just blessed again to see another load of soldiers and junior soldiers enrolled. The growth seemed to be the same in his previous appointment.

The ‘Capitan’ writes the following under his Facebook photo:

Praise the Lord! As we continue to work at the Bronx Tremont Corps, my wife and I have exiting news about the growth and commitment of this congregation. Last year we enrolled 8 new Senior Soldiers, 3 Junior Soldiers and our Sunday attendance increased from 27 to 110-130. This year also the Lord is giving us a new harvest of Soldiers and a wonderful congregation. Here are some of the pictures for our last enrollment on December 7, 2008. We enrolled 15 Senior Soldiers, 12 Junior Soldiers and have 5 soldier transfers from other Corps.

Majors Guy and Henrietta Klemanski were our special guests and it was a wonderful service with over 25 people accepting the challenge of Mayor Guy to follow Jesus as King and Savior. 198 people were in attendance, many for first time.

Let us pray for the new 32 members of our Corps, and for the new enrollment planned for March 22, 2009. Please pray so the Lord bless my wife and I this second year in Tremont.

I just pray that the Lord will continue to bless them with growth. You can hook up with Capitans Balmori via their website