‘Blood and Fire’ Now Available

My book, ‘Blood and Fire’ is now available here for £6.99 in book form (plus postage) or as a £4 download, all from Lulu.co.uk.

Downloading will save the environment as well as directing 100% of the sale amount to the work of The Salvation Army in Torry as well as saving you a few quid.

Just in time for Christmas!

The book is a reflection on the potency of The Salvation Army’s war cry, Blood and Fire, and a hopefully accessible treatment of how what we believe about salvation and holiness should impact our mission. I hope, at least, it will be helpful. Many of you may also be interested to note that it contains, as an appendix, the Ward handbook we issued in Pill when we launched the system there.

Thanks in advance to all of you who will buy yerself a copy and support the mission here.

At it again….

Just want to announce a forth coming book project entitled ‘Blood and Fire.’ Its about living out the passion behind our war cry…the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Its in the final stages of preparation. Save your pennies. Profits go towards our new ‘Hub‘ project at Wick.