The General

Just reminding you to keep praying for the General. Its an old Army tradition going back donkeys years to pray for the General at noon (whoever he/she may be)…its a tradition worth bring back, especially for times like this.

We must never underestimate the influence and encouragement the office of the General brings to Salvationists all around the world even if some folks in the UKT are a bit more sceptical about its purpose…lets pray he will be healed and returned to full duties as soon as possible. But more than that, lets pray because he is a brother in Jesus, not just our leader.

Remember Commissioner Helen and the family too.

Pray for the General

I’ve just heard the news that General Shaw Clifton has been diagnosed with cancer and has to undergo treatment and surgery and will be on restricted duties for the next six months. Please pray for his healing, successful treatment and the energy to do his reduced duties. Pray for Commissioner Helen and for the Generals family.