Get Praying

Started off our door-to-door prayer ministry this afternoon. The basic idea is that we make contact with people in their homes and ask if they want prayer for anything. Tracy did some prep last week and delivered a copy of the War Cry to one of the streets in the town. I followed on today with some more info and with a prayer request card.

This card basically indicates that we want to pray for them, and to feel free to write a request on the inside of the card. We’ll pop back in a few days an pick them up. If they don’t respond, that’s fine. If they do, that’s better. If they don’t want prayer but want something else, that’s good because we’ll end up praying anyway! Its a simple way to connect people’s felt needs with God’s desire to reveal himself to them using us as the catalyst. Maybe even an opportunity to nurture their ‘unfelt need’ – salvation.

People are spiritual, most people have an openness to things. Up here, we have an interesting mix of spirituality. We have ‘folk Christians’, new agers, pagans, out and out atheists, spiritualists, freemasons, and a whole bunch of people into the occult. Christianity gets a bad name in many places because it is often ‘unspiritual.’ I can’t help but see the link between this and God sending a bit of a charismatic nutter to Wick.

The weather up here doesn’t always lend itself to outdoor evangelism, but I’m going to get kitted up for a street prayer booth tomorrow and see how we go!


Today, my Carlsboro Wanderer Delux II arrived. “Your what?” I hear you say. My Carlsboro Wanderer Delux II. Its a very useful portable PA system. Got a CD player, tape player, three different kinds of radio mic, jacks for plugging in yer iPod player etc etc. It has a great sound and even pulls along like a little suitcase with wheels.

Its all an officer needs for conducting meetings in community halls in his expansive corps district, open air work, Christmas carolling, etc. The thing I am enjoying most about this appointment is the freedom to be out just sharing the gospel. Sure, we do all the other regular stuff, but as an officer I’m covenanted to make the salvation of the lost the primary focus of my life. I wonder how many of us officers manage to keep that right up there in the priorities.

Even in a corps like mine, full of faithful people, it can be a challenge to raise the profile of evangelism in all its forms but it must be done. Soldiers must have the confidence to be out there being active in sharing their faith in whatever way possible. Time is too short to sit around…this generation of people will only be introduced to Jesus by this generation of Christians. Its too late when you’re dead.

I’ve listened to incessant drivel over the last 12 years as a Christian as to how you can’t evangelise this way or that way…how you can’t say this or that. In my opinion, the stakes are too high so we do whatever we can in whatever way and wherever we can do it just so that we can save some.

Lets take our cue from the Commander-in-Cheif, Jesus. He went around proclaiming the Kingdom of God was near, suggested (!) that people repent and then, if they needed convincing, healed a few people and cast out a few demons in the power of the Holy Spirit. The great thing for us is that Jesus never did anything that he didn’t hear the Father tell him to do and did all that he did in the power of the same Holy Spirit who is available to us.

So, go buy yourself a Carlsboro Wanderer Delux II and whatever else you think you’ll need for the journey and get on with it. Time is short, the stakes are high.

Ask Him!

We need to ask the question, Holy Spirit, what are you saying, what are you doing. All the time, this is intimacy. We want to be asking between 3 and 5 times a day. Quieten ourselves on this inside…we’ll hear. This will take discipline. We’re self-absorbed…we must slow that storm down to hear the still small voice. To slow ourselves down to hear the Lord is a pain, we don’t want to do it. That’s why he has to tell us to desire spiritual gifts in the context of 1 Cor 14…its about taking the time to love the Lord. To cultivate that relationship of intimacy.

When is the last time you asked the Holy Spirit 5 times in day what he is saying or doing? We need to have a lifesyle that asks that question.

Ask your local officers that, ask you officers, ask your fellow bandsmen, ask you your young people, ask youself.

Passion for prayer

I found this image (somewhere) and had to share it here. I don’t know who is in the picture, where it is, of what the exact circumstance of this prayer time is, but it speaks volumes.

Are they seeking holiness? Are they engaging in repentance? Are they praying for souls? Don’t know, maybe all at the same time.

Maybe what they are praying for is irrelevant. The most amazing thing about this picture to me is that these women have clearly so much passion, that they are led to their knees. Maybe we can catch what they’ve got and bottle it…or perhaps, we just pray we’ll experience pentecost afresh in our Army at this time.


I sorta knew on the way down to Exeter for Youth Councils in the car today that the day was going to be an interesting one! I could feel the Holy Spirit doing what I can only describe as ‘quickening’…you know, that sort of electricity feeling that comes when God’s preparing you for a thing? This was most of the way in the car that I’m sensing him doing some sort of work…certianly reminding me he’s very much there! It was certainly all to do with asking God to help me see what he is doing more.

So, I’m still sitting here at 1:41am in a bit of quietness just sifting through stuff. For anti-insomnia purposes, I’m just going to record and number the things that God was saying!:

1) God gave me a word to share for a specific person, especially applicable to her, but to us all. God gave me a picture of this woman’s heart for her daughter, who I believe is quite far away from the Lord at the moment. God showed me how it was painful for her, but that the kind of prayer that the Lord was calling this lady to was going to be like the pains of childbirth…she was going to have to really labour in prayer, as if somehow the daughter need to come to ‘re-birth’ this way. Oh Lord will you increase our passion for the lost that we’d be willing to go to pains to see them saved. Pray for this lady and her daughter…pray also that I can find her email address to give her the details specific to her!

2) God did a few more stages of mop-up after my little struggle last autumn. This was through worship….I love to worship. It always, always, carries healing for me in so many ways and God just restored several things through the worship.

3)Strangers kept saying hello to me! 3 random strangers in the street said ‘hello.’ That doesn’t usually happen in this part of the world….I mean, walking down a street in a city and people you don’t know all decide to say hello in the same day. So, I’m guessing God is doing something here….so I asked Him. He just said he was restoring some of my confidence…last autumn people were a bit difficult to cope with to be honest. Not just those we needed to sort out/help/minister to, but just regular people in shops, the mall, wherever.

4) There were several times in the evening meeting which were quite special in a way. I could sense the Holy Spirit was doing something and I asked him to let me see. I was standing at the side of the hall (usual place for prophetic watchmen!) and can see ‘angels’ sweeping the heads of the young people with feathers. I put angels in inverted commas, because I couldn’t actually see them, just the sense of these large white feathers. It has such a calming effect on the room and there was some special soothing going in broken lives by the Holy Spirit with these feathers.

5)Jesus also reveals a bit my heart to me and he allows it to bleed a bit for a young lad I’ve especially been praying a lot for. God gives me a verse for him, I share it to let him know that God is willing to take his brokenness…in fact, he is turning useless brokeness into holy brokeness, which is, in essence, what I think holiness is. Its you becoming less, and Jesus becoming more. Its the second stage of message the Lord has given me for this young lad, but its also for me. I prayed that if there was one thing to learn about recent months is that I’d be more open with my brokeness because its in recognising brokenness that wholeness comes, fullness. Psalm 51:17.

6)Finally, God said this “yes, I’m really going to do something in these people” Thats confirmation I needed, but a way huge promise for them.

thats just a couple of things….now I’ve got all that out…to bed!