Spent the afternoon with some interesting people. Was doing some hospital chaplaincy as part of training. The chaplain thought it would be a good idea for us to go to what is, I think, the ward the chaplains don’t like to go to. Its basically the ward for homeless guys, folks on heroin, akward people who are not “normal” enough to be around “normal” people. People who are dying and too offensive for anyone else to have to look at, apparently. So, I wonder if you can figure out where I saw more of Jesus this afternoon? Was is sitting in the office at the back fo a draughty chapel with 4 priests drinking coffee? Or was it talking to a little Glasgow lady about her emphasima and how she used to go dancing at the Dennistoun Palais? Or the heroin addict whose mother had just popped in to tell him his brother had died of the same disease that plagues him?

Often I have the idea that I am taking Jesus to these places and people and again and again I find him sitting in front of me saying “how are you going to respond to me today Andrew?” For the most part I stumble for words, desperate to find something to bring up in conversation, but at the end of the day its all a Jesus thing. Good to be there.


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