So, yeah, its Monday morning and I’ve got a few things rattling around in my brain. Was reading last night a biography of Commissioner James Hay, a scottish officer out of Govan Corps. Was quite blown away with the way in which he fought his war.

This is a man totally convinced of God. Thats what really showed through because nothing else would have taken him into some of the places that he carried the gospel to. When he was the principal of teh training college, he made the point of making sure cadets had experience of off the wall evangelistic daring! I don’t think there was a theatre or dance hall in London that he didn’t take them to. Totalling up the people who where saved at various stages of his ministy there must be at least 5000.

Or is there more? Apparently, when William Booth appointed him as principal of the college, he told him to go and make “saviours of men.” I wonder to what extent our college’s these days have the mentality of creating men and women who will know what it is like to become saviours of men, of course meaning leading people to Christ.

It appears to me that our whole frame of reference for minsitry has had a dramatic shift since early days. Our reference point on what we do in the Army these days is the saved, rather than the unsaved. Rather than what we do being determind on our effectiveness of how we reach the lost, it is determined on pampering the the whims of congregations and HQ’s.

What does a Salvation Army look like that considers the lost before it considers anything esle? I can comment in my own situation…I guess there would be a college that prepared people to lead a corps to win their world for Jesus. Have we lost the vision of “the world for God?”

I am increasingly challenged by my new appointment in that its not what you call a huge district. The corps is in a village, surrounde by another few villages and a small town. I think to myself…how close can we get to reaching the whole district?

Booth said in O’s & R’s for officers that a good officer can make his message heard by 30,000 in a day. Interesting thought.

There is a foolishness about evangelism. It take’s fools to do it. But I follow the king of fools. If I really believe the gospel, then it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone!

in the fight


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