So, I’m in it for good now. Signed my officers covenant on Tueday…Saturday is the public commissioning. I knelt at the Mercy Seat for a good while…something deep inside me asking “what on earth are you doing?” but being drowned out by the voice of God just cherring me on that day.

I reflected on the time I gave my life to Christ. I reflected on how far God had brought me. I reflected on the time I knelt with Tracy as a 16 year old and committed ourselves to officership, and I reflected on kneeling on our wedding day. I just wanted to lie down on my face during that service. I felt so priveleged that God had called my to service in this way.

The covenant clearly did not mean to much to some of my fellow cadets and that saddened me a little. But, for me, I have a sense of completion, yet a sense of begining too.

What kind of officer will I be? What will God do?

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