First of all, welcome to any of my corps people who are logging on to Army Renewal for the first time…I’ve decided to be brave and let you have a gawk at my general ramblings. Forgive me if you find yourself sort of mentioned in them!! I hope you will find these pages a challenge and an encouragement. I love you all!

Its Sunday afternoon (regardless what time the little signature thing at the end of the blog tells you) and I feel rather overwhelmed just now. I am just thinking through the lives of some people we have worshipping us and people we have contact with in the community and my heart is beating for their freedom. I feel so strongly that there are some amongst us who are saved but not fully free and that hurts me right now. Jesus longs for us to walk in freedom, not oppressed by any power or person.

The reality of spirtual life and spiritual opposition against us is very real and yet so many people do not grasp it or see it. Every now and then God invades in such a way that you know you have to talk about these things very soon and he is leading me that way.

The reality of spiritual life and spiritual opposition against us is that we can fight it. In Jesus there is a name that is above all others and I know God will see us through to freedom. We have the authority in his name to seek not only protection, but to send the devil screaming away. He has no place amongst us but sometimes we let him live amongst us without upsetting him at all. this will never do.

Jesus is our ultimate defender and when we run to him, he will fight for us.

Glory to His name


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