Hallelujah. We’ve started Red Shield Appeal!

Anyway, as I was popping envelopes through the doors this morning and went to one particular door and noticed the surname on the plaque…Friedland. My mind went straight away to Anna, someone we met during our time in Glasgow. Anna was Swedish, lived round the corner and had started to come to our Alpha Course. She came into contact with us through a children’s dedication we did.

Anna came to a few sessions, then we didn’t see her. I sent her a note to ask how she was and then her boyfriend turned up to the door to say that she had committed suicide.

Did she hear enough to save her? Could we have said more? Could we have helped her t be set free quicker?

All those questions went through my mind as I enveloped. We so often loose the sense of urgency that the gospel has weighted behind it. The current way of living out our faith will never do.

“Soldiers of our God, arise,

the day is drawing nearer.

Shake the slumber from your eyes

the light is growing clearer.

Sit no longer idly by,

while the heedless millions die.

Lift the blood stained banner high

and take the field for Jesus.”

yours in the fight

Andrew C

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