So I haven’t been blogging so much recently…had a lot happen the last few weeks. Been busy. ..not all of it productive for the Kingdom either…there is a great big need to being able to say no in this ministry!

And yeah, as well as that, haven’t quite mastered the discipline of blogging every day.

Been doing a lot of reading recently…some of the old favourites and not so old favourites each week for preparation for our War Academy Discipleship programme. We are using SA201 by Captain Stephen Court, Vancouver Canada. ( Let me list a few books for you…definetely worth a read:

  • Sowing Dragons….by Captain Geoff Ryan. Essays in Neo-Salvationism.
  • I’ll Fight, Holiness at War…by Phil Wall. Thinking and acting and being as a warrior should be.
  • This Means War!….by Major Chick Yuill. Excellent teaching on Spiritual Warfare and spiritual gifts.
  • Aggressive Christianity …by General Catherine Booth. The title says it all!
  • Siren Call of a Dangerous God…by Captain Geoff Ryan. More essays to stimultate the mind and get the heart pumping.
  • Be a Hero…by Captain Stephen Court. New book focussing on a radical call to the ministry of social justice and mercy.
  • Power Evangelism…John Wimber. Hey, he’s not a Salvationist, but he is a salvationist, if you know what I mean ! Fab book on doing evangelism the Spirit way!

Your mind is like your body, if you don’t exercise it, it gets fat! (Speaking from personal experience you understand!!)

I am gradually becoming more comfortable with how big of a nutter I am. I realise I follow in a good tradition of nutters. All the guys above are nutters, Booth was a big nutter….and Jesus, well there was no-one quite like him…if he was walking on earth today we’d put him in a mental institute!

One of these days I’ll wake up and the men in the white coats will be at the door..I’ll go with them as long as I can get sallied up before I go.

Was just thinking today how much of a pain it can be to get all sallied up just to do the everyday stuff, sometimes can’t be bothered, but really, its a different world when you do. You become compelled to be graceful, you become compelled to be helpful, you become compelled to be doing the Jesus stuff hard-core. I smiled last Thursday when one of my soldiers mentioned that she was going to wear her Army pullover to work this week.

I remember when I had just been converted, just become a soldier, I used to wear an Army t-shirt to school all the time. Sure, I got beaten up now and again…but hey, never fear. When I changed school when I was 17 I literally did wear uniform to school some days because I used to sell papers. Thinking back to the opportunities it gave to talk about Jesus…the issues it raised. Sure, some of them thought I was a nutter, and of course, its true! But its all about hanging pictures in people’s mind…as I said in the last blog, replacing life’s tired images with fresh, new and different ones.

I am just happy that I’ve never really known the concept of being a closet Christian…I don’t recommend it to anyone…it can’t be much of an adventure.

Blood and Fire!

yours in Jesus


PS. The padded wagon has just drawn up at the door….

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