Gearing up for some war in the community. Starting to dig out some old prophecies and visions of previous CO’s as they appear in conversation and it is not surprising that God has placed a similar heart in us all. This community is for Christ…it will come under His sway.

We are in the barracks preparing to fight. Our War Academy is stirring us to aggressive action. But we are all too aware of our enemy’s schemes. The battle must first be fought on our knees before it goes to the streets.

What is our weapon? With a whole lot of prayer, our weapons are extravagant love, radical grace, shocking kindness, abundant peace, heart rending mercy, confident possiblity of redemption and …did we mention prayer?

Individuals have been prayer walking this community in fits and starts for years. But sometimes it can be like the anti-mine people clearing the ground and then the ground troops forgetting to advance. What’s the results of that? Well, the mine-clearers get tired of clearing mines for nothing whilst very little ground is taken. On Thursday I uttered the heresy at War Academy that sometimes we have to answer our own prayers…what I mean by that of course is really that we pray believing and that we also take hold of that for which we have prayed…I think God calls it faith.

yours in the fight


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