Well, our War Academy’s first term has come to an end this week. We did a little bit of grapling with what had really struck us as a priority as we take steps to practically win this community for Jesus.

We settled that we really need to engage in the spiritual battle in a big way…pathe the way if prayer and wage war in the heavenly realm. Involving repentance for the sins of our community, our faith community, of praying in Kingdom peace, and of taking praise actively to the steets…reclaiming ground. Hallelujah!

And…we settled on the fact that we need to be a visible church…not a task that should be really difficult for The Salvation Army! 120 years of sowing and minsitry in this community must be utilised for the advancement of the Kingdom and using our identity gives us so many advantages. Blood and Fire!

So…thats as far as we got, its a good place to start.

Of course, there is no use in engaging in spiritual warfare unless we go the extra step to connect with people! And, of course, there is no use in being visible unless we can effectively minister in the Spirit, so that when people come into contact with us, we can offer more than words. We need to be aware of the stuff God wants and is willing to do through us, it needs to be a lot more of Jesus than it is of us.

So…”Operation Christmas Joy ” gives us great opportunities to put this stuff into practice and into context of everyday life and minstry. Come, Lord Jesus!

its all for Jesus


Andrew C

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  1. “Operation Christmas Joy” – sounds great! I commented in my own log a while back about how much image and symbolism influences me, and I’m incredibly inspired by our military metaphor. I hope the campaign goes well – we’ll have to have a chat about the War Academy at some point too! Keep meaning to phone you – promise we will soon!

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