Wise words from Captain Stephen Court:

For many Salvationists this is the busiest time of the year. We are morevisible in many places than at any other time. We enjoy great favor thataccompanies the great responsibilities we’ve accepted.Let’s determine to do a few things over this season:

1. Let’s determine to live up to what we have already attained. Let’s notlet disciplines or standards slack during this period. If schedules must bepared down, let’s pare down coffee break, magazine reading, the footballgame, and our favourite show before we slip up on our rations,discipleship, or evangelism.

2. Let’s make the most of every opportunity. We’re in the papers and radioand newspapers more than the rest of the year combined (I’m guessing). Weas an army are seen by millions and we get to speak with many who we’dotherwise never meet. Let us preach the word in season and out of season.As, in most cases, we are already meeting the expressed needs of peopleduring this month, let us not neglect to offer the fulfillment of theeternal needs.

3. Let’s celebrate one of the most magnificent events in history (right upthere with the crucifixion and resurrection). Let’s embrace the wonder of 8pounds, two ounces, of the Creator of the Universe shrinking down from allof His fiery, thunderous, explosive Presence to a little baby wrapped up in somecloths. Let’s delight in the manifest love of such an intrusion into ourlives. Let’s be contagious in our joy. Let’s not let up.

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