Standing on top of the year

I’ve been having some strange experiences in prayer recenlty which either prove that God is speaking to me or that I am, actually, totally round the bend.

I can be sitting in a room, alone or with others, praying, and all of a sudden it feels like I am looking at myself praying from a great heigh. Like looking down at the situations I am praying for. This is, they look smaller, less significant when we view things from nearer God’s perspective. Its an intersting phenomenon. I also have had several ‘visions’ of standing at the top of a huge hill and seeing the whole year set before me like a village and praising God for all the opportunities it will bring. So, I’ve no idea what these ‘from a distance’ visions mean. The only thing I know is that I start to praise when they come.

Thankful perhaps of both God’s promise and of God’s help. So a year of promise and provision, as always, from a mighty God.

in Jesus


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