Another Sunday…

So, the last blog was posted today as well, but this new format won’t allow me to blog twice in a day! Huh!!

Well today was “Commitment Sunday” and I had an overwhelming sense of tiredness about asking people to “commit.” We’ve been heavy on our real mission since we came, that has been on purpose until we settled in enough to be able to say, now, “lets do it.” I guess what I wanted to acheive today was, yes, still give people who haven’t committed to commit, yes, always have the opportunity to renew ourselves spiritually, but also to help people put some action to their beliefs by signing up to something definite. I hope it helped.

It brings joy to me heart to see so many people willing and ready to fight. But people need worthwhile battles to fight.

I am both encouraged and discouraged today. Encouraged that people respond readily to wot Godz saying to them. But, again, so saddened for the people for whom a whole year of commitment Sunday’s would mean nothing. Nominal salvationism is a sad affair and wold hate to think that any of our soldiers had a good dose of it.

However, another thing that brings joy to my heart, on a completely different subject, is the way that freedom is coming more and more into our worship. Today we had people standing up to sing to a song when they hadn’t been invited to (told to)…spontenaity (or however you spell it)!! We also had a glory march in the morning meeting and this time, I didn’t start it first!!

I wish we could feel that we could relax more in God’s relax I mean express ourselves how we want to as opposed to how we are expected to. Comes back to whether we will limit our passion. We have one lady in our congregation who incessantly shouts hallelujah at any appropriate time…some people think its a pain, but I think its marvellous. She responds to the heartbeat of God when it is felt and noticed in the every day circumstance.

I even has one of my young people saying that she felt she was a kinda modern version of her…mad for Jesus and desperate to show it. Enough said.

So our preaching and teaching moves in a different direction now. U need to wait and see…I’m not going to tell u here! :o)

Today, I’m feeling incredibly homesick. You can take a man out of Scotland, but you can’t take Scotland out of the man. Sad, I know, but I miss it. I miss the fact of knowing nearly every road in the country! I guess I miss the familiarity, not to mention some of the most beautiful places in the world.

I’m in the mood to blog all night, but thats probably not very interesting for anyone still mad enough to read me! So, I’ll go and do something else.

thanks for reading…dont forget that the blog before this is actually posted today and not Saturday.



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