Heart is Beating…

I’m back from holiday and I’m excited. Enrolling a fiery young salvationist tomorrow. Not every officer gets the opportunity to enrol these, but we all have an opportunity to fuel any young persons fire for Jesus. She’s passionate and spirit-filled. I sense a strong prophetic gifting and I know that God is going to use her, but her strength will be in her covenant.

My heart is beating because as we explored the articles of war with her I hear my destiny, my reason for existing, my calling, my clarion call calling out again.

My covenant, the promises I’ve made to God. The extent to which I keep my covenant is the extent to which God entrusts his Kingdom resources and power to me. Break covenant, and they might as well carry me out the door like Anias and Saphira or cut my hair like Samson.

God is calling to covenant because he is looking for a people who will show the world what it means to be holy, passionate and all for the glory of God.

Get your articles of war out the filing cabinet, stick em on the wall and dare, DARE, to live your life like that…go on…I dare you.

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