Storm in a tea cup…(?)

Well, apologies for the rather long break from blogsphere. No excuses really other than to say its been an interesting few weeks on many fronts.

One of those weeks that you think you’d be better of climbing back into the trench but where you know that doing that won’t win the war…u just have to stand up and be shot at! But the thing is,the squabbles are going on in the trench between folks who think that all that exists is the trench and seem to have very little interest on what’s going on in the battle field. And every time we and our local officers have to sort out fighting within the trenches, our attention is moved away from the real battle.

However, I’m not sure I’d be any happier if things were just ticking along. Stuff that is goin on is merely a representation of the fact that we are moving on and change isn’t easy for anyone. It will never be fast enough for some and it will never be slow enough for others. There are a thousand witty quotes that could be uttered to champion the need for change but none of them say as much as the fact that we need to be in a place where we’re harvesting souls for the Kingdom.

It really ticks me off that we’re seeing so few saved. Admittedly, were seeing some be more renewed and sharpened for the war, and thats a good sign…but where are the lost. To put it bluntly, we’re not cutting it at the moment but what will it take for that to happen?

Ever member ministry, intentional evangelism, loving fellowship, meaningful social engagement, and prayer prayer prayer prayer prayer prayer prayer.

3 thoughts on “Storm in a tea cup…(?)

  1. Welcome back! Of course you will know I am in total agreement with what you are saying – this is something I read yesterday and it hit me between the eyes: “Telling others is the only response we can make on discovering that Jesus is alive – we are to go and broadcast that good news. We must not be spiritual sponges but channels of blessing” Channels being the operative word, not stagnant but flowing water. Every blessing, Ann

  2. Removing the blockages that make water stagnant is a messy job at the best of times. More messy when it involes getting people unstuck. Their is pain and energy involved in keeping a river flowing but as long as it is flowing around the blockage via a few little streams, it is at least acheiving something. We need to continue bein ‘Streams for Jesus’ until the rest of the water starts to flow freely.

  3. Let me encourage you, brother. You’re on the right track. You and anonymous make quite a team for God. Know that you’re not alone in this quest. I join you in the name of Christ willing to incarnate streams in the desert and the present reality of living water for today. Thank you for your faithfulness.

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