Sunbury Days

Here I am at Sunbury Court on our first year of officership seminar. It has been good to hear some of the good stories happening amongst the Bridgebuilder Session…lots of good God things happening with a fair share of difficulties as well.

However, it has been a good time to reflect on 9 months of ministry, which is the point of it really. I’ve revisited some personal convictions in ministry, renewing covenant and bolstering determination…. We’ve has some excellent bible studies led by Major Margaret Wickings…and they have really confirmed my thoughts that my corps is in the “waiting to cross Jordan” stage. The question is….will we wander around much more? More than that, are we the Joshuas who will lead across? I hope so. Anyone coming?

The only thing that stands ahead of us is the Jordan…answers on a postcard if you know what Pill’s Jordan is (dont say the Avon!). I think I have an idea, but it would be interesting to know what you think. We may well explore that further.

signing off

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