Two more…

Enrolled another two soldiers today…both very different soldiers. It was a good day. This evening’s meeting had plenty of joy and glory in it! Sheesh…people almost looked happy to be alive!!

There is no opportunity for resting on our laurels though. We took soldiers off at the last PCC. We’ve not recovered the losses yet. I’ve just watched the Passion of the Christ movie again in preparation for our showing of it on Tuesday as part of our Easter outreach. I can’t understand why we are so slow to proclaim and share the story with others.

We need to be in a place where we are seeing new blood coming through the doors. Hey, admittedly we did have some unchurched family visit for the occasion and some other people whos minds and hearts may have been stirred, thoughts provoked. We’re looking now for the harvest Lord!

The bible says that we should preach the gospel only two times a year…in season and out of season. Full Stop. Of course, we don’t want to be doin bad mission…seen lots of that. We want to put the gospel over powerfully, prophetically, and communicate as best as we can.

I keep asking God to make me a sharper soul winner and that he’d make my corps a sharper soul winning team. There is that great phrase from Catherin Booth: “while you stand upon your dignity, whole generations have gone to hell.” Ouch.

yours in the fight

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