Been reflecting a bit on the last blog. I came across that prophecy some time ago, a few years back. It has inspired my ministry in several ways…its has produced a level of ‘strangeism’ in me that has produced some good fruit over the years as I’ve responded to what I believe is a word to The Salvation Army as much as its a word to the church in general.

I’ve never tried to hide the fact that The Army sometimes makes me despair. For years and years there have been nights when I’ve sat awake worrying about our mission, our approach, where we are going and my part in it all. God’s passion and concern for this part of His church consumes me…I love God’s creation and am glad he has called me to this part of His church.

Now I’m an officer that burden of responsiblity has been narrowed down for me to the Army where I am, my corps and the city that surrounds us. I read again parts of the story of the Lewis revival last night and again I am assured that God is urging us to continue pushing though.

Keeping the momentum for revival prayer going is difficult. I will never ever understand why this does not capture the heart of people. I will never understand that, it will always be a source of frustration as to why people can be so blaise about the most important thing in the world. To many its not the most important thing in the world. That grieves me.

I’ve been preaching the same message, pretty much, for over a year now. Every now and then I think..ok, move to something else and then God calls me back to it. And I know that I must resign myself to preaching God’s word…what he is saying at this time to me for the people I lead and minister to. Surely people will hear the message eventually. God has a plan for our corps, it involves Him, and we need to give Him the space to do his work.

Our people are responsive…some more than others, and we have great great potential. We are going through a very interesting phase, one which we must not be afraid of. God is doing some painful things, but some very important things.

I sit here this morning in pain with the weight of God’s word like the pains of child birth. But the great promise is that with the pain of child birth, thereafter comes new life. God give us the strength to labour as we ought and feel the weight of responsibility for a lost world.

Andrew C

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