Repentance, renewal, refreshing, regeneration, responsive, revitalised, redeemed, recovered, reborn, revival!

Some of my favourite words.

Mainly because God is into recycling….. re: doing something again, taking the old and making it new.


God can do it all again. Come Holy Spirit.

yours in war


One thought on “Re

  1. The Jewish word for teshuvah, turning…. return. For me I’ve found that renewal in my spiritual life begins with my having the courage to pray against my own hardheartedness, so I can return to God again in genuine repentance, so God can show me what he wants to work on next in me. The river of joy in my life is reached by the painful process of returning, again and again. But it is always there if I have the courage to keep returning, heartsearching, struggling to grow, reaching out for him. Return…

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