Journal of Aggressive Christianity.

Can I reccomend the Journal of Aggressive Christianity to you..the new edition is out, online, free today! Its an online journal for the thinking salvationist and something to fuel your fire for the fight. (Just follow the link above)

I’ve got a little article in this months edition entitled ‘War in the Post-Modern World’ – a little bit of reflection on how we be who we are called to be in the face of the supposed post-modern mindset that I’m not always convinced is as real amongst everyday people as opposed to the dwellers of ivory towers. Neverthless, there are issues we need to face boldly.

Commissioner Shaw Clifton recently re-affirmed his concern about the dwindling soldier numbers. We have made 3 in our time here but we’ve run out of converts. Now, the question is, are we failing to communicate the gospel, or are we preaching the gospel boldly at all. I think the nature of our corps problem is not the way we communicate but that we don’t communicate the gospel enough.

I reflect about what might be more beneficial for us as an Army this summer…join in the (largely quite dull) ecumenical services with the other churches or get out into the community and have ‘church’ on the streets in the summer evenings….something to graple with for next year.

Anyway, read the Journal of Aggressive Christianity. You will like it.

yours in the war

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