Aggressive Christianity Conference

Well…where do I start. We had an absolutely great weekend. God really came in a powerful way as we dealt with freeing the corps from bondage to release an aggressive fighting unit. We started the process of taking Pill (and Bristol) back for God. Prophecy was flowing, the gifts were released, the worship was vibrant and people were challeneged and changed. Just like we expected it to be and much much much more.

Its so hard to pick out a highlight, but the two and a half hours we spent asking for forgivenss for the sins of the corps was certainly very very significant for the future of the corps. On Sunday night our evening meeting lasted 3 hours as we called heaven down again and prophetically covered a map of Pill with the original Salvation Army flag of Pill Corps.

Sunday afternoon we took praise to the streets, with the help of some Bristol Citadel musicians, and made the devil sit up. As Jones says in Dad’s Army ‘they don’t like it up ’em.’ The whole flag thing, well God gave a message to the corps through Captain Keith Wallis (as he was then) when he as CO here that were ever the flag was planted, the kingdom would be revealed. God has updated that in our minds and he has shown me that it will have the spiritual effect of the shofar. When it is unfurled in a place it will have the same effect as the shofar…a sign of victory, a call to war, a call to unity and repentance…the devils will flee as we start to live in victory instead of defeat.

There was a strong sense of God pulling something down. Our corps number happens to be 911….the conference was from the 9-11…there was just a sense of God bringing down something of the prosperity and making of man to the ground.

The weekend is simply a beginning for our corps..a catalyst, just as we prayed for. We’re left with the warning of the account of Jesus, who having cleaned one life up was then left exposed for more demons! We will watch against that.

Anyway, for those of you who couldn’t make it, we’re sorry you couldn’t. We have recorded all of the talks and seminars from the weekend and we will be making them available in time for a small fee to cover costs. We want as a corps to be a resource to others, in fact its part of our calling and we’ll let you know what is available through this blog an our corps website.

God has begun the great work of transformation in the corps…we need to continue in it. I’ll probably keep on blogging for the next few days on the weekend because there was so much that happened. We appreciate those of you who continue to cover us in prayer.

in Jesus

4 thoughts on “Aggressive Christianity Conference

  1. Hi Just catching up with response to ACC weekend. Glad to read your comments in your blog. Be strong, courageous and encouraged. Sorry couldn’t be there but would be interested in the resources compiled after the weekend.Yours in Christ, Matthew & Debbie

  2. Hi Matthew, thanks for your word of encouragement. It was a confirmation from God. God told me to go through the story of Joshua after our ACC weekend and we are doing that now – its amazing that you chose to use the Lords words, ‘be strong and courageous’ straight from Joshua chapter 1. Thanks.

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