Aggressive Christianity Conference Resources

Aggressive Christianity Conference
Pill Corps, UK Territory, 9-11 September 2005.

After our successful Aggressive Christianity Conference here in the UK, the first ever, we are happy to make our recources from the weekend available to you for purchase! The CD’s of the talks have been produced in house, but they are good quality and contain fantastic teaching and prophetic insight.

The titles available are as follows:

Offensive to God? – Major Jo Norton, CO Wandsworth Corps/Boiler Room
Taking the Land – Offensive to Satan! – Major Jo Norton
Prayer Roles – Major Jo Norton
Will the real Salvation Army please stand up? – Captain Martin Thomson, DYO South Western
Primitive Church – Primitive Salvationism – Captain Ian Mountford, CO Bristol Citadel
Authentic Community – Andrew Grinnell, Alove UK
Engaging God – Andrew Grinnell
Knowing the Enemy – Julian Cozens, Wandsworth Prayer Team
Know your offensive strategy – Vicki Adams, Wandsworth Prayer Team

All CDs are £3.50 each plus £1 p+p.

We also have copies of Cory Harrisons modern rendition of Catherine Booth’s classic, ‘Aggressive Christianity’ available for £5.

Please send orders to our CSM, Pete Brewer at and he will be glad to receive your cheque, payable to The Salvation Army.

For those who live overseas, please feel free to pay via in GBP to but please email me at to ask for shipping advice.
We look forward to hearning from you. We will fulfil the orders as soon as we can.

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