Here is the thing that has provoked radical primitivism in me…this might be interesting for some of you.

1) my family are unsaved and sinking into hell. I’ve burried too many of them into an uncertain destiny and I watch too many of them tied up in the cycle of sin and darkness.
2) I’ve been part of corps that have lost the real sense of who they are, what they are doing, and what the point of it all is
3) In spite of my family, in spite of where the Army is at the moment, God dramatically saved me
4) My experience of God has been of a strong supernatural flavour…I’ve always experienced God in that way and have always had a strong sense of prophetic calling on my life.
5) My early exploits in uniform wearing at school convinced me it works, even if it is ‘irrelevant’ – whatever that means.
6) the writings of people like Geoff Ryan and Stephen Court have influenced me..but more than that, the evidence of the kingdom success that these men (and their wives) have had in ministry is like no other story that I have heard in the Army in modern days. The Salvation Army in Romania, decidedly primitive, is also a great success story which has shown me the same. The capture the heavenly romance that Salvationism was birthed to be…you know, passionate heroism.
7) the older writings of Booth, Brengle and the likes are full of passion for the lost and that strikes a cord in my life.
8) other flavours of salvationism leave me cold, rather uninspired and uninterested. Formalism is a good dose of religion without power. I’m not into that. Half-hearted Christianity will never save a dying world.
9)I don’t think God asks us to commit our live to anything less than complete submission and surrender.

There you go, thats it. Thus endeth.

2 thoughts on “Influences

  1. I think I’m with you on this Andrew. Having spent time with Geoff in Toronto I was blown away by the way in which he lives out what he talks about. My challenge, where I am for this season is how I model what I’m passionate about in what I do. I hope by focusing on mission and training I can release hundreds of kids into being proper salvos, not just more middle class drones.So maybe I am a primitive after all! But office life can sometimes wear you down! Keep praying for my sanity and calling!!

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