24 weeks

Yesterday was the last day of the 23rd week of Tracy’s pregnancy.

Today it is 24 weeks which means one thing….we can no longer have an abortion.

Now, understand this, we totally don’t want an abortion.

But up until yesterday, we could have had one.

Now let me tell you something else…we have seen our baby, clearly defined as an identifiable baby on a scan screen about 4 weeks ago…we have heard its heart beat, seen its arms and legs move on screen.

We have both been able to feel the baby kick and move inside Tracy’s womb but up until yesterday, we could legally have taken the life of this baby.

That is totally absurd.

Legalized murder.

Did you catch that headline of a few days ago…that some babies are still alive when they are incinerated or thrown in the garbage?

That makes my stomach turn. How does the heart of God feel on that one?

Yesterday, we could have killed our baby.

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