The last week got a bit heavy with no time for blogging…such is the joy of officership the week before Christmas! But hey, we had a fantastic end to the Christmas campaign. We’ve had excellent evangelistic opportunities all through the season and have had tonnes of visitors to the Army…many returning visitors, some for the first time. Hallelujah! We don’t want to settle though…we must keep in mind that no-one was saved and that we must press on for salvation. We must not rest on our laurels!

I, personally, had a very special Christmas. I spent Christmas with my father for the first time in nearly about 23 years. We didn’t make a fuss of it, but I think it was on both of our minds. We just enjoyed the time.

Looking forward to the New Year now…we have a month of prayer coming up in January, followed by a corps review. Also, we have a few soldiers to make (maybe a few adherents, but not if I can help it :o) ).

So, praise the Lord. I hope you’ve had a Holy Christmas…


2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Good evening Andrew,Found your blog by accident the other day and have just read a few posts, seems ok really.How are you guys getting on and what have you been up to? well stupid question as it is in your blog.Question and I am only being picky because I am in that mood tonight. But is it u who makes the soldier or adherent, is it the person or is it God? Jesus? the the HS (not health and safety.Tom Ri

  2. Hello Captain Richardson, hope you are well.Does God make the soldier? Hm. God certainly makes salvation possible and he provides the growth in grace as the Christian exercises Christian discipline.Does God make the soldier? Hm. God provides the grace to keep the soldiers covenant, the soldier takes the responsibility to drawing on the grace. God makes soldiership sustainable and do-able.Does God make the soldier? Hm. Insofar as becoming a soldier is the outward expression of an inward work is the extent to which a corps officer/pastoral care council makes a soldier. There is strong Biblical and Christian precidence for the importance of believers being accepted and initiated into the Christian church…that is one of the things baptism was about.So, does God make the soldier? Well, like almost everything else, the Trinity invites us to be involved in the community, not only in welcoming others to the community, but in providing accountability and discipleship within community.Who makes the soldier? We all do.:o)

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