High Council

Pray for the High Council Nominees for General (left to right):

Commissioner Carl Lyndhold, Territorial Commander – Norway, Iceland
Commissioner Hasse Kjellgren, Territorial Commander -Sweden & Latvia
Commissioner M Christine MacMillan, Territorial Commander – Canada & Bermuda
Commissioner Israel Gaither, Cheif of the Staff
Commissioner Shaw Clifton, Territorial Commander, United Kingdom & Ireland

I am praying that it will be Commissioner Gaither…he is an inspirational leader and has a keen heart for mission. I think he’d bring an emphasis on mission activity.

We need Commissioner Clifton here in the UK, so I don’t want him to go. I don’t know the others well, although I hear that Commissioner MacMillan is a lady to be reckoned with.

….that Gods will be done is our prayer.


6 thoughts on “High Council

  1. Comm. Kjellgren is a great guy with a very lively personality. He is also an excellent speaker.I’d love to see him as General.Comm. Gaither is also a great leader though, and excellent speaker. I have a feeling he might be the right man to lead the Army at this time.

  2. I’d love to see Shaw Clifton. He would get the Army back to it roots of holinessIsrael L. Gaither would also be good on the mission.Maybe Gaither as Gen and Clifton as the cheif. They would contrst each other.

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