Booth on Salvation

“We believe in Salvation! We believe in the old-fashioned salvation. We have not developed and improved into Universalism, Unitarianism, or Nothingarianism, or any other form of infidelity, and we don’t expect to. Ours is just the same salvation taught in the Bible, proclaimed by Prophets and Apostles, preached by Luther and Wesley, and Whitfield, sealed by the blood of martyrs – the very same salvation which was purchased by the sufferings and agony and blood of the Son of God.

We believe the world needs it, and this and this alone will set it right. We want no other nostrum – nothing new. We are on the track of the old apostles. You don’t need to mix up any other ingredients with the heavenly remedy. Wound and kill with the old sword, and pour in the old balsam, and you will see the old result – Salvation. The world needs it. The worst man that ever walked will go to heaven if he obtain it, and the best man that ever lived will go to hell if he misses it. Oh, publish it abroad!

There is a hell. A hell as dark and terrible as is the description given of it by the lips of Jesus Christ, the truthful. And into that hell men are departing hour by hour. While we write men are going away into everlasting punishment. While we eat and drink, and sleep and work, and rest, men are going where the worm dieth not, and where the fire is not quenched. Can anything be done? Can they be stopped? Can drunkards, harlots, thieves, the outcasts of the Church and of society, be saved? In theory many will answer, “Yes;” but in experience they confess they have no knowledge of such things.

Look again, perhaps the more appalling aspect of mankind is its bondage. How devils and devilish habits rule it, and oh, with what an iron yoke. Ask the drunkards, blasphemers, gamblers, thieves, harlots, money getters, pleasure seekers. Ask them one and all. Ask the question, “Can the power of these habits be broken? Can these fiends be expelled? Can those do good who have been accustomed all their lives to do evil?” Speak up! Press your question – “Can these poor captives be delivered? Saved from sinning, saved into holy living, and triumphant dying? Can they be saved now?” The desponding answer will be “Impossible!” Ask multitudes of professing Christians, and they will fear it is impossible. Ask the Salvationist, and the answer will be, from both theory and experience, that the vilest and worst can be saved to the uttermost, for all things are possible to him that believeth.

What is the use of a doctor who cannot cure, a life-boat that cannot rescue, and overseer who cannot relieve? And what would be the value of a Saviour who was not good and gracious, and strong enough to save the vilest and worst, and to save them as far as they need? But our Redeemer is mighty to save. Hold the standard high. Let us tell the world of the “blood and fire.” “

Hallelujah! Preach it brother!


One thought on “Booth on Salvation

  1. Where do you keep finding these great quotations? The Founder certainly knew what would happen in the future.He certainly touched a nerve when he referred to attempts to ‘improve’ the orginal gospel

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