Salvo Books

So, the Clark household is saving up for a VW camper so that we can go on hols without taking out a morgage on the house we don’t own! I’m selling a few of my Christian books at I’m also selling several Army books on Ebay…type in Salvation Army into Ebay’s search page and you’ll find them quick enough.

I also have a Sony 8mm Camcorder and a Hewlett Packard HP1094 Handheld PC to sell on ebay when I can be bothered to put them online! I have a next to new Raleigh Bicycle to get rid of too! A couple of simple printers, a primitive scanner…u name it I’ve got it!

Although we’re saving for something, there is something thoroughly satisfying about getting rid of stuff! I’ve long had a yearning for simplicity but always been too surrounded by the stuff you gather to actually do acheive some level of it! I can thoroughly reccommend this process!

Take a squizz at and see if you can pick yourself up a bargain! Cheaper than Amazon. :o)

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