Primitive Salvationism

Our DYO, Captain Martin Thompson has been sieving down Army DNA…he’s trying to root emergent church on something solid. Perhaps he’s reinventing the wheel….I’ve often told him that he is a closet Primitive Salvationionist but seems ruluctant to embrace his convictions ( :oD ). Anyway, he I share with you his comments on Army DNA…by the way, they are pure Primitive Salvationist. Although, he doesn’t mention Holy Spirit Terrorism as an integral part of Salvationism.

Martin says:

* Holiness – 1 Peter 1v15 – our roots are firmly in the holiness movement – we are a people called by God to be like God…think (if you’re Army!) of Brengle’s vast legacy! For me, discipleship, worship, fellowship and the whole concept of a sacrificial life (Romans 12v1) fits into this.
* Incarnational Ministry – John 1v1-14 – Taking Christ’s example, we set up our tents with our neighbours – think of Booth Tucker and the slum brigades – this is about being at one with our communities
* Mission focused – Matthew 28v18-20, John 3v16+17 – a massive passion for the lost, and seeing the world won for Christ – Booth’s words “Go for souls, and go for the worst!”. But not forgetting the concept of grace – God longs for creation to become one with him once again…and we are part of the plan to do this…
* Whole gospel believers – Mark 16v16, John 14v6 – whosoever will may be saved, but there are consequences for those who turn their back on God…we can’t ignore that. However, again, grace gets in again – we don’t do everything simply to fill our pews, but to show the world that there is a greater hope
* Social Justice – Micah 6v8, Amos 5v21-24 – “while women weep, as they do now, I’ll fight” – need I say more – this is core to who we are and how we engage in ministry (as Tim says, we can’t divorce social from corps)
* Adaptive – Romans 9v22 – this is in terms of methodology, not in terms of tehology! Music, uniform – all negotiables as we seek the best method to tell the world about Christ
* Covenental – 1 Peter 2v9-10, Romans 12v1 – whether we are officers or soldiers we are in covenant with God, a chosen people, a royal priesthood – ties in the ideas of “joyful abandon” and sacrificial living once again”
* Prophetic – Isaiah 61v1-11 – God called the Army into being to remind the churches of the need to reach out to the lost, especially those on the fringes of society, and to give a voice to the voiceless – we have a commission to fight to change society as well as getting ourselves into better relationship with God (no split between secular and sacred, Gordon!) – think “Darkest England” – a vision for the transformation of the whole of society…wow!

OK…so not pure Primitive Salvationist, but almost there…keep going brother…you’ll come out the closet eventually. :o)

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