Holiness is Blocked Channels

I was browsing the Christian Channels on our sattelite TV and came across Jim Bakker preaching. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Jim Bakker is an American evangelist who, some years ago, was publically shamed over an addiction to pornography. Thankfully, however, he has repented and been restored to ministry. He spoke openly about his shame but about the grace of God to cover him.

My grandmother had Sky television for years and years…since I was around 12. At 12 I was exposed, late at night, to whatever Sky had to offer. There was never a shortage of pornography in my home either.

Now, of course, as a young teenager without Christ I had no desire to restrict my viewing and was very much exposed to all sorts of images. Those were images that, when I came to Christ, had to seek much prayer to get transformed!

Now, we have Sky at home now…but I can testify that holiness is blocked channels. From day one of having it at home we blocked all the specifically pornographic, put a watershed on the ones that gradually get worse at night and promptly changed the password to a now unknown number. Holiness is blocked channels.

I wouldn’t like to guess how many young Christians, indeed, how many pastors struggle with pornography. I’ve heard American figures, but not UK ones. There is a shame to talk about it…it is a thoroughly shameful thing. But with everything, the enemy will try to bring condemnation for sins that are now supposed to be under the blood…he will also exploit past weakness. Condemnation of sin will keep you inneffective for God. These are days for the full armour of God! If you are led into sin, in anyway, confess, repent and have faith in the willingness of God to forgive.

I am a great believer in confession to other believers…not that it does anything ‘eternally’ but if can be helpful for accountability (James 5).

Do you struggle men? Find someone you can be accountable to. Have someone who is permitted to ask ‘have you watched….have you looked…have you read…’? I have someone who does that for me and I for him.

Holiness is blocked channels.

More than that, General-elect, Commissioner Shaw Clifton, in one of his books (Strong Doctrine, Strong Mercy) suggests that Christians take action against shopkeepers who stock pornography (I am led to believe this is something he lives out in practice too). The General-elect suggests telling the shopkeeper that you are boycotting the shop until he removes porn and that you will encourage others to do the same.

Well isn’t that a thought!?


9 thoughts on “Holiness is Blocked Channels

  1. hi- thanks. But, of course, holiness is more than just blocked channels. It is the replacement of the desire to view those channels with a desire to think upon what is true, honourable, just, pure, lovely, kindly spoken, lofty, and praiseworthy (from Phil 4:8).GraceStephenC

  2. Andrew,RE: college days – Every week during our mission project, we prayer walked and at most prayed outside specific shops in London but also as much as we could removed specific adverts from phone booths in area.Definitely trying to block channels of others trying to access too….Praying for you, Tracy and family,Matthew & Debbie

  3. Andrew – go further. Don’t just block the channels get rid of them. We used to get Sky TV but I noticed it was making our two youngest girls very materialistic – they lived, breathed and slept the Disney Channel – their ambition was to be Lizzy Mcguire!I also watched far too much football.We had a family conference and decided that in a world of poverty this was a luxury we couldn’t justify – so it went.It has proved to be yet another liberating experience along the way of holiness.As you say – Sky peddles porn – so don’t give Sky your money – they’ll just use it to peddle more porn!Tear down the high places and smash the altars – love and prayers Andrew

  4. Perhaps we should take that a step further and get rid of all television and internet too Andrew…after all, they are all used to peddle porn, immorality and ungodliness, anti-Christ sentiment, adultery, blasphemy and all manner of abominations.Then again, what the enemy intends for evil God can turn for good. The tool of the devil is not the tool of the devil in the hands of the saints. An internet connection at home is a luxury…we pay more for that each month than we pay for Sky.The greater freedom is that there is a box in the corner that I COULD abuse, there is a laptop on my lap with a world of porn on the end of the line that I COULD tap into…but there is no desire whatsoever. Praise God.What the enemy intends for evil God can turn for good.

  5. Hallelujah! I concur Captain!Did you know that there are internet sites run by Christians that set up accountability partners for men (and women) every URL visited is copied to a responsible other chosen by the user!Storm the forts of darkness!Got your email – the answer is yes (Is the Pope a Catholic?). Will respond formally when I get home.Love and prayers Andrew

  6. Our old corner store man used to have a very large selection of porn to choose from. And everyday he would sit behind the counter singing and reading his Bible…His argument, was it wasn’t his choice, he ‘had’ to stock it…We like to hide behind this kind of thing. We can’t do this, we can’t do that. But frankly we can do all things through Christ. Including taking porn off the shelf. There was a great interview with a famous Christian singer on the TV some months back. He said when he was young he went to his pastor and admitted he had an addiction to porn. His pastor said: “dont worry you will grow out of it.” He know says that scared him more then anything. Because he fell even deeper into it assuming that one day the desire would fade. Accountability, so important. And taking away the stigma and shame attached to it. So many people struggle in silence because they are ashamed to speak out. We need to to preach forgiveness and not pass judgement.Sorry for the rant. But you are hitting on something so huge in today’s church. thanks for the openess.Peter http://www.lublink.ca

  7. Thanks Peter….feel free to rant. Any sin that is left to die our of its own volition will almost definetely not die out. Sin has to be cut out. Its like cutting rust out of a rust volkswagon…it won’t go of its own choice! It will continue to develop until it is cut out and treated.I have a suspicion that the pornography issue is a bigger one that we thing.I believe in a wholistic redemptive theology…I believe that God redeems every experiece, every aspect of like. I hope that talking about this issue here will give others the confidence in their own life to have the courage to seek someone out in order to amputate this from their heart.Like what Stephen and Andrew B have been saying…the desire has to be dealt with. Our whole self…decisions what to watch, eyes, and wills must be submitted.every blessinAndrew Cg

  8. I have to agree. I believe this issue is far greater than it appears.The difficulty is, because it isn’t talked about, some people don’t know what is wrong. Even if people do know, they don’t know how to deal with it.Having also come through from sexual impurity to at least striving for purity (even if I don’t always hit the mark) I feel it needs to be addressed in Church, particularly with the younger members.Accountability partners are so useful, as is knowing people are praying for you. The important thing for me to remember at the moment is that this change won’t come about because of my will power, but only through the Holy Spirits transforming power.Dave

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