The time is near…

I guess some of you may know that our second child is due to be born on Sunday. Isn’t that jolly exciting? Yeah, pretty exciting. Are we ready? No, we aren’t! The baby has a crib to sleep in but it currently has no space for its crib to be set up (I need to rearrange the house to fit in a little baby!) Life and ministry is rather chaotic, time consuming and hectic at the moment.

But, I’ve been fairly good…my diary is reasonably empty over these next few days. However, that frustrates me like nothing else on earth. I find it difficult to switch the whole turn off work thing…thats because its not work to me but life.

My great joy and privilege in this whole this is to have the joy of picking the baby’s name…was part of the deal! Hm…what name shall I choose? Something with a strong meaning…a good strong name is required. Something reflecting God’s prophetic purpose for this child’s generation of salvationists. Something reflecting the baby’s strong Scottish heritage in spite of being born in an alien land (!!!). Something reflecting something of God.

So..I share that as a matter of prayer and as a matter of excuse if I dissappear from blogland all of a sudden for a while.

Meanwhile, these issues are hot on my mind at the moment: holiness, pioneering, hell, freedom for believers, warfare, corps based social work. I’ll let you figure which of those go together and let you ponder the things to come at armyrenewal in what might be a short absence.



2 thoughts on “The time is near…

  1. Andrew, Im replying at the end of a fruitful officers councils before I head back to Orkney.Baby names – how about William or Catherine???God Bless you each in these days, Love, Matthew & Debbie

  2. Donald Dayton (Wesleyan scholar) says that historically a church’s emphasis on holiness is directly linked to its engagement with the poor. You might like some of the Holistic ministry Web links at, especially the Christian Community Development Association.Robin Rader, Brengle Librarian(find me on the Salvationist Directory — that’s where I found you)

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