Announcing the Arrival of…

I’m please to announce the arrival of Ceitidh McDowall Clark

She was born on Wednesday 29th March, at 5.13am, weighing in at 6lb 7oz.

Mum and baby and Ben are fine…dad is just about keeping it together!

(PS…its pronounced ‘Katie’)

She is named after Katie Booth-Clibborn (le Marechale). Founder of The Salvation Army’s work in France, and one of William Booth’s children, but spelled the Scottish Gaelic way to reflect her strong Scottish heritage. Most of all, Ceitidh means ‘pure’. We live in a world that needs pure people.

McDowall is my Grandmothers maiden name. It is common in Scotland for children to have a surname as a middle name, often linking generations of families together. My Mothers middle name is McLeod, the maiden name of her grandmother. Consider yourself educated! :o)

Hallelujah…looking forward to seeing what God has in store for her.

7 thoughts on “Announcing the Arrival of…

  1. CONGRATS!!! I love the flag, nice touch in the pic! I also love the spelling. When my daughter was born I insisted to my wife that we would need to spell kayla’s middle name, MegHan, with the “H”…trying to get as close to her irish roots as possible. Our last name is Collins, and my grandmother’s maiden name was Connelly.Your daughter is beautiful. You are trully blessed!In His Grip,DaveAmbassador of Grace

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