Blood and Fire!

Just had time this evenin to catch up on the webcast of the Dedication and Welcome of General and Commissioner Clifton at the International Headquarters website…catch it there if you have some spare moments.

Enjoyed the rigorous singing of ‘O Boundless Salvation’ – especially with General Clifton grabbing himself a big flag and giving it a good wave.

Thats was a poignant moment I think…especially after the General had just spoken boldly once more about routing out sin in the camp. He said he had a vision of the whole Army under God, under the feet of Jesus. Every General, Commissioner and Junior Soldier, and all in between.

Beautiful also, again, to watch Commissioner Helen run from the platform to go and pray with someone she felt led to pray for at the Mercy Seat. I’ve seen her do that a few times. God bless her.

God bless General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen. As I’ve prayed for them today I’ve had a strong sense from the Lord that these are annointed people for such a time as this, I believe that firmly in my heart. I’ve already responded to his call as we at Pill this evening determined to call sin by its name and to work at routing it out of our part of the camp. ‘Pure and Spotless let us be’, devoted in pure love to Jesus Christ our bride-groom.



One thought on “Blood and Fire!

  1. Hallelujah Andrew!”We’ll never let the old flag fall,For we love it the best of all;We’ve taken the field for God and right,We’re in this war to fight! fight! fight!We’ll march to victory while we singThe praises of our Lord and King;To the end of the world our flag’s unfurled.We’ll never let the old flag fall.”

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