He has Risen indeed…

We’ve had a good Easter in Pill, our second here, I enjoyed it. From our sunrise service through to the meeting, the open air and the evening meeting, it was good. My prayer is that more and more of our people begin living on the right side of calvary and the ressurection, knowing that resurrection experience every day.

I confess that there is some things I will never understand. Like: Why do some people not come to worship on Easter Sunday? I’m not referring to people who go on holiday and stuff, but people who purposely arrange to do something else on the pinacle Sunday of the Christian callender. How can people come to worship on Easter Sunday and yet have a moan because someone played a wrong note on the piano? How on earth can people fail to be moved by the cross and the resurrection?

We had a great weekend, but as an officer these things baffle and worry me. This kind of behaviour is alien to my Christian experience, I just don’t understand it. God give me wisdom and patience!

Anyway, Easter has been good. We rejoice that God moves amongst us. But we need to press on. However, I’m on leave again this week. A week of a bit of rest then back to the plough. Glory Hallelujah!

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