De Re Me!

I’ve just been printing off the last two years worth of blogging to stick in my ‘Continuing Development Portfolio.’ For the first five years of officership, until you rFive Year Review (after which they keep you on or sack you) you have to have a personal development plan thingy. This blog is mix of theological reflection, missional reflection and random thoughts, propaganda and random stuff, so I’ve stuck it in.

It is fascinating to see two years of blogging sitting in front of you, all 171 A4 pages of it but even more fascinating to read the things that come out of your brain. I ask my self…have I changed?


Well, obviously you do…life shapes you, experiences shape you. My personal convictions have been affirmed, strengthened and a tiny bit more better articulated!

Today, though, the challenge I present myself is continuing to remember and flesh out deep grained convictions. Its easy to lose sight of what you are about. I started to remember this yesterday…

I was at a little backwater village near here speaking at an afternoon fellowship for older folks. Now, it may surprise some of you to know that those old folks think I’m the best thing since slice bread. I was informed that they were talking about my last talk for months! Anyway…I shared with them a couple of examples of the people we met and the things we did in Glasgow. It reminded me of some of my convictions about ministry to the poor and reminded me yet again of some of the issues I face trying to adapt to the culture I am in.

However, by far the most interesting thing about looking back in this blog is remembering the first impressions of Pill. Those initial feelings still ring true…I still believe our fellowship has huge potential to be a significant force for God in this community, I still believe the people here are ready for more of God. Of course, now I know a fuller story and its easy to be distracted by the deception and work of the enemy, but ultimately our war is against him.

He is not more powerful than God, he is not an equal power to God. The battle is won and we are on the winning side. Why then is the fight thick?

Easy…we are at a crucial stage of advance. He won’t accept defeat and will continue to try and decieve, divide, detract, denounce, denegrate, defeat, demoralise, depress, deny, disease.

Do you see those words? “De/Di” = subtraction. He tries to take away. But as I’ve said, God’s words are ‘Re’ = revival, renewal, revolution, reconcilliation, refreshing, regeneration, revitalise, rebirth, REJOICING! (even review!)

We have every second in the day to recommit to the war. Don’t let the enemy take you aside.


3 thoughts on “De Re Me!

  1. I remember cringing when hearing the old cry ‘Back when training was training’ but still – putting in your blog as continuing development! They made me do an NVQ4 in management… 😦

  2. I guess it was slightly different with you being a social officer Howard…I guess NVQ Management 4 would be helpful for you.The blog isn’t the whole content of my continuing development, just reflective comment element, so fear not…the Army isn’t crumbling under our feet!Is it ten years you are commissioned next year? I was at your commissioning…I’m a good friend of Donald & Ann Montgomery.cheers…keep on keeping on!

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