Appraisal Again

Had my second officer appriasal again today. Slightly different this time because it was being done by a differnet bloke, but still incredibly affirming experiences. I can understand why some folks run a mile for these things, but the provide a lot of opportunity for reflection.

There are the bits we all know that we’re not hot on. Some of those things we can work on, some of them are part of who we are and its not always best to tamper with that if you are to be true to what and who God has called you to be.

This thing with ‘first corps’ is thats its the ground where you make most of your mistakes. We’re onto our second ‘first corps’ – we’ve had two very different corps in very different settings and with extremely differnet people making up those corps. We are blessed in that we have some patient and understanding folks under our leadership.

It does the heart good to be reminded that, actually, you’re doing a pretty good job, that God is moving and that the Kingdom is being built in may ways.

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