‘There’s been a murrdurr’

I’m a big fan of the TV series, Taggart, set in Glasgow, for obvious reasons. I love the dry Scottish wit. I love seeing bits of home even although you can’t turn on to that particular street from that particular hill because its the other end of the city! Know what I mean? I love how they recycle the baddies. You know, its been on for years and years and the same villains appear as different people several times. Great.

I am sure the villian on tonights episode appeared as a masonic architect in another episode!

Anyway, as I say, they recycle the baddies. So do we. Christians are bad at dealing with sin. We say we’ve dealt with a thing, that we’ve saught cleansing and yet we recycle the same sinful passion, giving it a different identity, new setting, and many are caught in a cycle of sin. Thats not the freedom that Christ set us free for, thats still slavery.

However, its not only in a persons life that the baddies re-occur. I reckon that you should be able to go to every church and find the same person. You know…for example, I think of the 6 corps I’ve been involved with over the last 10 or 11 years. There are individuals who have different names, accents, sizes but they are the same characters…most of them good, but I suppose you always remember the ‘baddies!’

God, give us eyes to see what you see.

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