Observations on Lewis

We had a great time in Lewis…really great holiday and great time of refreshment (in more ways that one…boy is it cold up there!)

I could blog loads about it, but I’ll just jot down a few observations:

– the only traffic we encountered on Sunday were busses full of people travelling to church.
– I’d guess 70% of this community (of 20,000) go to church every sunday
– at the evening Service of Barvas Church of Scotland (where the 1949 revival broke out) there were 70+ people gathered for worship from a township/parish of only around 300 altogether…and thats the evening service on a bitter autumn night!
– The Salvation Army on the island is a lovely community
– at the service at the church mentioned above, the air was thick with the presence of God…first time I have ever experienced that in a Church of Scotland…moreover, it was soundly evangelical. The first time I have heard the gospel preached in the Church of Scotland!
– as I just drove round the island (everything else was shut) I just kept asking God ‘why this island Lord? why send revival here?’ The answer: prayer. If it can happen in Lewis, it can happen in Pill.
– I loved hearing the language spoken naturally in everyday settings (gaelic, of course).
– Harris is empty…there is no-one there. In fact, its not true…after travelling 50 odd miles round the coastal road we found one man who waved at us enthusiastically as if we were the only civilisation he had seen in years.
– Hebridean hospitality is lovely
– Lewis has the most consistent surf in the UK!!
– it never stopped raining the whole time….did you know that there is even a word in gaelic for the period of time between showers?
– I feel in my spirit that the Lord is going to move again in Scotland, that Lewis will play a part, but it will have a wider impact this time.
– The Minch is the choppiest section of water I have ever crossed!

God spoke several things to my heart when I was there…things for me to treasure, ponder, act on. He also shared several things about our corps ministry which I shared with them last Sunday.

It took us 3 days to get there, 3 days to get home, but I’ve never taken such a worthwhile journey!

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