Yeah, so I really applaud this Street Pastor thing…the church gettin back on the street is always good. As I said in my last post, if we’re not doing our God ordained role, He’ll raise someone else to do it.

I’ve seen this happen before so many times, especially during our time in London and encounters with The Jesus Army. Now I know that some people have issues with the Jesus Army, but then people had issues with The Army! When I attended a few Jesus Army meetings in during 2003-2004 when I was at training college, entering their meetings were like entering Primitive Salvation Army gatherings: pumping worship, passionate preaching, charismatic, a collection of all sorts of people, free food and drinks for everyone who had come in off the street and, of course, uniform.

By uniform, I don’t mean shirt and tie, tunic and the like. I mean combat uniform.

More than that, these people were very visable outside their meeting places. Every Saturday night…in fact most evenings, the Jesus Army could be found singing, evangelising, giving away their evangelistic newspaper ‘The Street Paper’, talking wiht people on the Jesus Bus and generally being out there on the streets of Central London.

As part of our recent corps review, one of the things we talked about were street patrols. We just gotta get out there, reclaim our birthright, do God’s work, BE The Salvation Army. Yup.


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