Prayer and Healing

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I was blessed to hear the testimony via the Salvationist about how the Lord responded to prayer for the life and health of the son of Captains Paul and Paula Knight…good friends of ours. I praised God to hear such a God-honouring, God-glorifying faith-lifting story.

However, it saddens me to realise that other people don’t feel the same. Both some letters and a whole article (by Major Sylvia Dalziel) seemed to suggest in the following editions of the Salvationist that testimonies of God healing miraculously should not be included in the Salvationist because not everyone gets healed and people will be hurt to hear of stories of healing when they themselves, or their loved ones, are not healed in spite of lots of prayer.

Whilst I have compassion for those who suffer long term illness and who have to suffer loved ones suffering illness, I have to say that I can’t believe that people are not able to rejoice in another’s blessing. Healing is an emotive subject, I agree, but instead of avoiding the issue altogether because we don’t seem to have our healing prayers answered, let us instead pray all the more.

The church leader, John Wimber, who had an incredible healing ministry, is said to have prayed for hundreds and hundreds of people before he started to see people getting well. I am equally sure that there were many who didn’t get well even after God began to move through him.

God does respond to our cries for healing. In other cases, for reasons only known to His Sovereignty, He doesn’t. Thats the reality and the mystery of God. But lets not get to the stage of grudging other people their miracles.

Andrew Clark

2 thoughts on “Prayer and Healing

  1. I agree completely. We need to approach healing ministry completely positively, but also understanding and explaining that not everyone experiences the healing they ask for. I believe God does heal when we pray. It isn’t always as we ask, but he heals in profound way in our lives, and sometimes there is physical healing. What we need to remember is that there’s an awful lot of people out there, also even here in the church, whose understanding of prayer is limited to the idea that we approach God with a shopping list of what we want and he hope he dishes it out. Warmest blessings, Eleanor n/TSSF

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