I’ve been tagged!

I’ve got a few ‘more serious’ things to blog later, but Chris has tagged me so one must respond to these things :o) The challenge is to tell you all 5 things that you don’t know about me! I’ll try and make them all ‘windswept and interesting!’ Here goes:

1) I have been writing and arranging music for full brass band ‘prolifically’, yes, ‘prolifically’ since I was 11…I even got paid £250 to write a march for a major company in 1995! (I am happy to report, however, that God has released me from the oppression of being a bando…apart from being a Christmas Carrolingoholic…I’ve only clocked up 11 hours carolling this Christmas so far!)
2) I was known as Andrew Smith for 8 years of my childhood!
3) I bumped into Davina McColl at Crewe train station, Chris Tarrant at Alton Towers, Chris de Burgh on Regent Street, David Dickenson on a London bus, Jenny Eclair in Sainsburys, Richard Wilson at Glasgow University, Anthony Head in a lift in Bath and Anne Graham-Lotz preached at my graduation from ICC.
4) umm….er…5 things? um……we have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Brengle! (Will post you a picture one day…we’ve had him since September…forgot to blog it!)
5) I can play a classical version of twinkle twinkle little star (complete with alberti bass) hanging over the back of a piano backwards! :o)

Well, there you have it!

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