So, today I’ve been decluttering. I’ve removed about 10 refuse sacks of stuff from our house. Its not that our house is mega untidy, its just that we seem to live in that ‘officer’ state of never fully unpacking, so a lot of stuff gets left to just…sit around! But, I’ve been brutal and it feels great! :o)

Found some pretty amazing stuff (well, probably not amazing to you!). The thing that really brought back memories was the copy of my testimony tract that I found. I designed it with pen and paper and CO transferred it to a computerised version and used to copy hundreds of these for me at a time. I used to leave them everywhere. I’ve recently written my testimony in booklet form, which is too expensive to carry around, but I really should revive the personal testimony tract. I could probably do a decent job with the basic computing skills I have now compared to the days of pen and paper!

Also, I found my ‘officership’ trail of correnspondance going back ten years of being called and being in the initial stages of applying for officership. Gave God a good bit of glory for all that.

Rediscovered my farewell card from Dennistoun signed by all the prostitues…if you are allowed to have prized posessions as a salvationist, then that is mine. Its special. That soup (that my granny taught me to make) became a real sacrament on that soup run. “My life must be Christs broken bread, my love the outpoured soup.” (with apologies to General Osborne…or maybe he’d have understood the sentiment!)

Anyway, just had a nice bath and read a good few chapters on Commissioner Gaither…forgot to shave in the bath so off to do that now! *sigh*

yours unshaven but well saved,


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